Christian Science Teachers (CSB)

What is a Christian Science Teacher?

First and foremost, a Christian Science teacher (CSB) is a healer who is deeply convinced that anyone who loves God can learn in some measure to heal as Christ Jesus did. A teacher’s training, depth of understanding, and extensive experience as a practitioner of Christian Science healing qualifies him or her to be authorized by the Church to teach others how to utilize the precepts of Christian Science to heal. Every year a teacher offers a course, generally lasting twelve sessions, in which pupils are taught how to deepen their ability to heal. This Primary class of instruction in Christian Science healing marks the beginning of a deeper commitment to a lifetime of spiritual growth, progress, and love of humanity.  Also, once a year teachers invite their students, who make up an Association of pupils, to come together to be spiritually refreshed, receive further teaching, and share current examples of healing.

Teachers appreciate inquiries and are always happy to answer your questions. They are available to provide spiritual treatment through prayer.

What do they teach?

Christian Science Primary class instruction was designed by Mary Baker Eddy for those who have been inspired by the ideas in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and who have a heartfelt desire to help others through prayer. It’s a unique and precious opportunity to dig further into your relationship with God.

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Anne Melville (CSB)

“I was brought up as a Christian Scientist. Christian Science has been a great support to me thoughout my life, helping me find solutions to business problems, strengthen relationships, heal sickness and help find rewarding employment — and much more. I want to share the freedom that Christian Science brings to my life with others and for that reason I entered into the public practice of Christian Science in 2008 — supporting others, through prayer, in resolution of challenges they may be facing, and encouraging them in understanding their relationship with God.

I am a certified teacher of Christian Science. If you would like to learn more about Christian Science Instruction please click here.”

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