Christian Science Practitioners (CS)

Spiritual treatment and healing

Christian Science practitioners (CS) provide spiritual treatment through prayer that results in healing – the resolution of relationship or financial difficulties, physical cure, and transformed lives. Treatment is based on the Bible and the principles explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Central to this treatment is the idea of one, all-good God, who loves and cares for each of us.

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Helen Broadhead

I had the privilege of being brought up as a Christian Scientist and walked to Sunday School every Sunday with my sisters and brothers. My father was a tenor singer and sang solos at church for many years. After exploring other churches in my late teens I discovered Christian Science was for me.

I love its teachings and had a desire to become a practitioner before going to class instruction (a two week course in spiritual healing). I know that Christian Science is the pinnacle – through love for my fellow man.

I love helping people overcome their fears. I have had many wonderful healings and healed many people through prayer.

Gay Haste

I have been greatly blessed to grow up in a Christian Science environment. While my father didn’t take up the study of Christian Science, my mother was a very sincere and almost life-long student after the healing of heart disease suffered for many years by my grandmother. I attended the Christian Science Sunday-school from a very young age and became a member of my local branch church in my early 20’s.

My greatest desire now is to share what I and my family have been so enriched with. Daily communication with our Father — God brings fresh inspiration and opportunities to love others and prove his care for all of his children.

Anne Melville

“I was brought up as a Christian Scientist. Christian Science has been a great support to me thoughout my life, helping me find solutions to business problems, strengthen relationships, heal sickness and help find rewarding employment — and much more. I want to share the freedom that Christian Science brings to my life with others and for that reason I entered into the public practice of Christian Science in 2008 — supporting others, through prayer, in resolution of challenges they may be facing, and encouraging them in understanding their relationship with God.

I am a certified teacher of Christian Science. If you would like to learn more about Christian Science Instruction please click here.”

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Working with a Christian Science practitioner

Christian Science practitioners are available full time to help anyone, anywhere, through prayer. They answer questions, too. Feel free to contact a practitioner by phone or email. Many have offices where you can meet and some will also visit people in their homes. Christian Science practitioners are professionals and do charge for the treatment they provide. Each practitioner sets individual rates, so feel free to discuss payment with any practitioner you contact.

How to contact a Christian Science practitioner

A list of Christian Science practitioners worldwide, with contact information, is published online in The Christian Science Journal Directory and in the monthly magazine The Christian Science Journal. You can get a copy of the Journal at a Christian Science Reading Room or by subscribing. Listings of practitioners and teachers speaking a language other than English can be found in the various editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

What is it like to talk with a Christian Science Practitioner?