Christian Science Nursing in New Zealand

Christian Science nurses

A Christian Science nurse “has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick” (p. 49 of the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy).

Firmly grounded in Christian Science themselves, the Christian Science nurse fosters a healing atmosphere and provides the practical care that may be temporarily needed to help you function as normally as possible while the healing unfolds.

The care provided can include (but is not confined to) such things as helping with bathing, dressing, preparing special modified foods, covering wounds, assisting with mobility needs, shopping. For more information on this, please visit Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services.

What a Christian Science nurse is not

Christian Science nurses are not registered health practitioners under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, and do not provide medical nursing services as regulated under that Act. Christian Science nurses do not diagnose, administer drugs, or provide any sort of physical therapy or other medical or medically-related treatment.

Finding a Christian Science nurse to provide care in New Zealand

There are two ways to engage a Christian Science nurse in New Zealand:

Engage a Christian Science nurse through the New Zealand Care Society

The New Zealand Care Society Incorporated is a charitable trust that supports the delivery of Christian Science nursing in New Zealand with a visiting Christian Science nursing service. In-home short-term care is available to Christian Scientists who have made the decision to rely entirely on God for healing.

To arrange for care through the Society, please contact:


Alayne Reed​, Visiting Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse
021 847 566

If you cannot reach Alayne, you may also contact the Society’s Administrator:

Ann Haydock
06 304 7968 or 022 123 4881

Alayne’s professional fees and travel costs are funded through the Society and provided at no cost to the client.

This is a confidential service.

Directly engage a Christian Science nurse

You can directly engage a Christian Science nurse who is authorised to advertise in the Christian Science Journal but not affiliated with the Society. Visit Advertise as a Christian Science Nurse for more about what this entails.

This would be at your own expense.

Working with a Christian Science nurse

The Christian Science nurse is available to help anyone, anywhere, who is relying solely on Christian Science for healing. No distance is too great, nor too small.

It is expected that the client is working with a Christian Science practitioner for healing at the same time as the Christian Science nurse is providing practical, day-to-day support.

The Christian Science nurse and client relationship is a private and confidential one.

What does it cost?

Christian Science nurses are professionals who charge for their time, their travel and any accommodation costs associated with a client’s care.

When care is arranged through the Society, the costs associated with bringing the Christian Science nurse to your doorstep, and the professional fees, are paid for by the Society. Items that are purchased, or hired, to assist with your particular needs will be at your expense.

Where the Christian Science nursing care is provided by someone who does not have an agreement with the Society, the client is responsible for all costs associated with that care.

About the New Zealand Care Society’s charitable status

The New Zealand Care Society Incorporated is a charitable trust established to support the delivery of Christian Science nursing in New Zealand, and is registered with Charities Services (#CC39519).

The Society greatly appreciates all donations that support its healing ministry. Contact the Society’s Administrator to find out more about how to contribute.

Ann Haydock
06 304 7968 or 022 123 4881

Tax receipts can be issued on request.