Christian Science in New Zealand

Love without limit, Life without fear - a livestream talk replay

“Maybe you have a name you like to call God? To me, with ‘capital L”, God is Love. And God is Life.  So my talk is, Love without limit, Life without fear,” begins Christian Scientist Fujiko Takai Signs, of Tokyo, Japan, inviting you to join the replay of her live-streamed talk right here at any time that suits you.

Certainty in uncertain times

It’s been said that the one thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything. The uncertainties of human existence would appear to support such a sentiment. But is this truly the case? Read what a Christian Science practitioner has to say on the subject.

A ‘Daily Lift’: Supply is in God’s plan for you

A Christian Science practitioner shares inspiration he received from a well-known Bible story. In this 3-minute podcast, he shares how this story helped him see that God cares for all of us – and gave him the guidance he needed to meet a financial challenge.

Finding your immunity from disease

Watch this 12-minute video with a reassuring message about immunity from disease.

Enough employment and provision for everyone

Read or listen to how this author found it’s possible to not feel afraid when faced with unemployment. God provides for each of us, sometimes in unexpected ways.

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