Christian Science in New Zealand

‘God’s-eye view of you’: Cherished, protected and loved

Find out how you are cherished, protected and loved through the way God sees you, in this online talk that was recently hosted by the Christian Science branch church in Newcastle, Australia. Click the link above to watch the replay.

‘A ferocity of spirit’: Hope shines through grief in Ukraine

In this recent podcast from the international daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, a reporter discusses how his connection to Ukraine helped him see a culture’s deep-rooted resolve, and to understand how its people see a way forward amid a devastating war. 

A ‘Daily Lift’ : Inspiring ideas to enrich your days

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends. You can check out today’s Daily Lift here, and accessa library of previous episodes.

Certainty in uncertain times

It’s been said that the one thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything. The uncertainties of human existence would appear to support such a sentiment. But is this truly the case? Read what a Christian Science practitioner has to say on the subject.

‘Rest and Study’ venue opens in NZ

A new rest-and-study venue is now open in Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa to all sincere students of Christian Science. Set in a beautiful coastal garden, the venue has a garden study that offers a library, private restroom, and overnight guest accommodations. 

These two Books are the pastor of the christian science church. Visit to learn more.